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Tasmanian Practitioners Update - MY

In a small win for Tasmania, we yesterday received notice that Myotherapists are permitted to practice in a health or medical facility.

While the information we received did not specifically mention Remedial Massage Therapists, that does not mean that they will not be permitted to practice going forward. We are currently seeking more information and clarity on this and hope to have another announcement for our Remedial Massage Therapy members in Tasmania shortly.

For Myotherapists who are uncertain if their clinic constitutes a health or medical practice, you can apply directly to the government to have your facility approved for practice at this time.

You will find the appropriate form HERE, when completed, you can email it to health.exempttraveller@health.tas.gov.au.

You can also call Tasmanian Public Health on 1800 671 738 if you have any further questions.

Updated State Ruling Document

Tuesday, 21st April 2020




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