Important Changes to Medibank/AHM Provider Recognition



We are writing to you as a registered practitioner, to inform you of changes to the Medibank/AHM Ancillary Provider Recognition Criteria. From 1 April 2021, the Recognition Criteria will be updated to reflect the requirement for electronically issued or printed invoices/receipts for manual claims (i.e. does not apply to HICAPS, HealthPoint, etc).

Please review the Medibank provider recognition criteria and standards via the links below:

If patient invoices/receipts for manual claims are already electronically issued, either through email or print, please ensure that the invoices/receipts contain the minimum requirements as detailed in the Medibank/AHM Ancillary Provider Recognition Criteria and Medibank/AHM Ancillary Billing Standards [both documents are available in your membership portal on our website under “Health Fund Information”].

If patient invoices/receipts are not already electronically issued for manual claims, Medibank/AHM have allowed until 1 April 2021 for providers to adjust practice invoice procedures. After this date, full or partial handwritten invoices/receipts will not be accepted by Medibank/AHM.

You can click on the link for an instructional video on how to create an invoice/receipt in Microsoft Excel.

Medibank/AHM have advised that if practitioners do not comply with these new requirements, their status as a Recognised Provider may be reviewed and they may be suspended or cancelled.




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