Greater Brisbane Lockdowns - Round 2


Queensland Practitioners

We apologise for the delay in getting this information out to members. The Queensland government did not update their website until 2pm (QLD Government website)

Greater Brisbane will go into lockdown for 3 days from 5pm tonight, Monday 29th March 2021, until 5pm Thursday 1st April 2021, people in the local government areas of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan will go into a 3 day lockdown, and anyone who has been in these areas since 20th March 2021 will be subject to home confinement restrictions.

Reasons to leave home in the Greater Brisbane Area:

  • Shopping for essentials, food and necessary supplies
  • Medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements
  • Exercise with no more than one other person unless from the same household
  • Providing care or assistance to an immediate family member
  • Work, or volunteering, or study if it is not reasonably practicable to work or learn remotely
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Legal obligations
  • Visit for end of life
  • Attend funeral or wedding in line with restrictions
  • Emergency situations
  • To escape harm

Masks (all of Queensland & Greater Brisbane)

Masks must be carried on all persons at all times when leaving your home, unless you have a lawful reason to do so.

You must wear a mask in indoor spaces such as:

  • shopping centres, supermarkets, retail outlets and indoor markets
  • hospitals and aged care facilities
  • hospitality venues such as restaurants and and cafes (not required for patrons while seated; customer facing staff only)
  • churches and places of worship
  • libraries
  • indoor recreational facilities and gyms (except if doing strenuous exercise)
  • indoor workplaces (if you are unable to physically distance)
  • public transport, taxis and rideshare, including waiting areas and queues for this transport
  • airports and travelling on planes

It is recommended people wear a mask when outdoors if unable to stay more than 1.5m from people, such as walkways and thoroughfares.

Children under 12 do not need to wear a mask, people with certain medical conditions, or in workplaces where it is unsafe to do so.

Masks can be removed to consume food and drink.

Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutritionists

If you are in the Greater Brisbane Area you will not be able to work unless you can do so via Virtual/telehealth appointments.

Remedial Massage and Myotherapists

Non-therapeutic massage is permitted if:

  • you have an approved plan; or
  • despite occupant density, for maximum of 50 people in compliance with a COVID Safe Checklist, where not complying with an Approved Plan

For practitioners who provide both therapeutic and non-therapeutic services, you are still limited to 50 people for these services.

Gyms, Health Clubs, Fitness Centres, Yoga studios, Day Spas & Wellness Centres in the Greater Brisbane Area are required to close.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

This has not been clearly outlined in the directives, but these modalities are not listed on Schedule 1 of the Direction, therefore it is assumed you can still operate your services, unless you operate from one of the above restricted premises, or you can reasonably operate via virtual/telehealth. If you are unsure, please carefully read through the Direction.

Direction 16 13 March 2021

29th March 2021




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