Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Continuing Professional Education is the upgrading or acquisition of knowledge and skills in the accredited modalities that will aid the practitioner in providing the patient with a high standard of health care.




CPE is an important part of providing professional healthcare services to patients and ensures practitioners regularly update their clinical skills and professional knowledge.

ANTA requires members to complete a minimum of 20 CPE hours annually (January to December). This is a requirement for membership recognition as well as health fund and WorkCover authority recognition, where applicable. By not completing the CPE requirement each year practitioners risk their professional association membership being suspended as well as any health funds and WorkCover authorities terminating recognition.

Each year health funds carry out audits of member records to ensure the minimum requirement of 20 CPE points has been met.

At the end of each calendar year practitioners must ensure any CPE details are lodged and the minimum of 20 points is met. ANTA makes this easy through the ANTA Member Centre. All points and data can be updated and stored there, and a printable version created for practitioner records can be downloaded.

  • CPE points/hours are usually provided on certificates, or by using the 1:1 equation. 1 hour = 1 CPE point.

Other Benefits of CPE

  • Practitioners are kept informed and updated with the latest developments in their industry
  • Facilitates communication and networking
  • Encourages further study
  • Enhances professional standing within the community


CMBA Registered Practitioners

Members registered with CMBA/AHPRA must abide by CMBA CPD/CPE Guidelines for the modalities of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. This needs to be provided to both CMBA/AHPRA and ANTA.



To know more about CPE and activities ANTA allows, please refer to the ANTA CPE Guidelines found in the ANTA Member Centre.



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