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We continue to advocate on your bahalf - our members, our community.

Together as industry associations ANTA, ATMS, Massage & Myotherapy and MA have been working on behalf of our members, asking all State and Territory governments to clarify whether remedial massage and myotherapists can continue to practice during Coronavirus restrictions.

One by one, governments have come back to us with sensible responses that allow essential healthcare services, such as remedial massage, myotherapy and soft tissue therapy to continue caring for patients.

In a victory for common-sense, yesterday, the Queensland government responded to our member advocacy permitting these services to operate. Their updates to the Directive can be read here.

We will continue to strive for more clarity for Tasmania and South Australia, and will provide updates as they become available.

You can find a full summary of the state by state rulings for all modalities below.

State by State Rulings


Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

Elizabeth Greenwood, President  |  Jim Olds, CEO

Myotherapy Association Australia
Nick Steward, President  |   Anna Yerondais, CEO

Peter Berryman, President  |   Charles Wurf, CEO

Massage and Myotherapy Australia
Andrew Gallagher, President  |   Tricia Hughes, CEO 


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