ANTA National Seminar - Sydney!

ANTA proudly presents the Sydney seminar in our series of National Seminars for 2019 featuring outstanding topics and presenters. Members, graduates and students are invited to attend for FREE!


2019 ANTA Annual Seminar-1


Event Details:

Where: Holiday Inn | 203 Victoria Street, Potts Point NSW 2011
When:  3rd August 2019 | 12pm - 6pm

How to Register: Log into your ANTA Member Centre to register for this event. If you are not an ANTA member contact our friendly staff on 1800 817 577 to register a seat today.


Justin Sinclair

Justin Sinclair - Cannabis Ethnopharmacology: From Neolithic to Now

This is a brief introduction into the use of Cannabis as a medicine, following its distribution and use across almost all continents cultures. From the Neolithic period all the way up until current changes in Australian legislation, the numerous and varied clinical indicators assigned to this herbal medicine will be examined across Chinese, Indian, Persian and Egyptian Cultures all the way up until its prohibition in the USA in 1937.



Tony Reid - TCM Herbal Treatment for Healing the Gut

The intestinal barrier and a 'healthy microbiota' are crucial for health maintenance. It is becoming increasingly apparent that they are also crucial factors in the pathogens of the immune spectrum disorders, such as allergens and auto-immune disease, as well as inflammatory bowel disease.


Ananda Mahony

Ananda Mahoney - Managing Pain with Specific Remedies

A fous on treatment aims, methods and outcomes for managing chronic pain.







Rob Santich - Topical Remedies

This presentation expores the historical and current use of topical herbal remedies. several levels of supporting evidence will be examined along with some suggestions for creams and ointments indicated for various conditions based on Rob's clinical experience.


Shaun Brewster 2


Shaun Brewster - Being an Anomaly

How thinking and behaving differently can help you help even more people through your work.








We look forward to seeing you there.





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