ANTA Campaigns Health Funds for Recognition of Nutrition

ANTA Campaigns Health Funds for Recognition of Nutrition

ANTA advocates Natural Therapies can be used effectively in the treatment and health care of the public with the main objective to achieve optimum health.

ANTA has been at the forefront of Natural Therapies and has been accrediting practitioners for more than 60 years. The modalities that ANTA accredits are widely recognised by health funds, but currently not all health funds register providers in Nutrition

Appropriate Nutrition and Nutritional advice is the foundation for healthy living with many health disorders resulting from incorrect or poor nutrition. ANTA believes significant benefits would accrue to health funds and their members if ANTA members accredited in Nutrition were recognised as providers.

Indeed the importance of nutrition and wellness has been highlighted by federal and state health ministers and promoted by numerous health departments and agencies.

ANTA supports the government nutrition and healthy eating initiatives and ANTA is recommending all health funds recognise ANTA members accredited in the modality of Nutrition and have attached a copy of our submission to this email.

The submission highlights poor Nutrition underpins a significant number of health issues facing society. The submission also supports our belief that appropriate Nutrition and Nutritional advice is important in maintaining health, managing health issues and will assist in reducing the current high cost of health care.

The submission can be viewed via the ANTA homepage at

We look forward to receiving a positive response on this submission and will keep members updated with further developments.

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