Important Changes to Medibank/AHM Provider Recognition

Victorian Restriction Update - 12.02.21

Victorian Restriction Update - 17.02.21

Western Australia Easing Lockdown Restrictions

Western Australian Lockdown

Greater Brisbane Restrictions Easing

Victorian Restriction Update - 22.01.21

Greater Brisbane Lockdowns Easing

Greater Brisbane Lockdown

COVID-19 - South Australia Masks Update 14.12.20

COVID-19 - South Australia Mandatory Masks 01.12.20

Natural Therapies Review Update

Whitelisting Email Addresses

COVID-19 - South Australia Update 19.11.20

COVID-19 - South Australia Update 18.11.20

The Best Natural Remedies For Anxiety

COVID-19 - Victorian Return to Work Date!

COVID-19 - Victorian Restriction Update 26.10.20

Victorian Update - 19.10.2020

Victorian Update - 16.10.2020

Spontaneous Combustion: fire risk in massage and health practice

COVID-19 - Victoria Update 29.09.2020

What Is The Difference Between Myotherapy And Remedial Massage?

COVID-19 - Victoria Update 17.09.20

Acupuncture for Anxiety | An Expert Guide

COVID-19 - Victoria 16.09.20

Social Media Policy

COVID-19 - Victoria Update

Joint Association Statement - Manual Therapists

Manual Therapists as Essential Services

Tasmanian Remedial Therapists - Update

Manual Therapy Practitioner Update (25/04/2020)

Continuing to Advocate for our Industry

Queensland Practitioners - Latest Update

Tasmanian Practitioners - Latest Update

Joint Association Statement - Manual Therapists

New South Wales Update - Remedial & Myotherapy

Western Australia Update - Remedial & Myotherapy

COVID-19 Update - Remedial & Myotherapy

Northern Territory Practitioners - (COVID-19 - Latest Update)

Latest Update - Victorian Remedial Therapists & Myotherapists

Latest Update - Remedial Massage & Myotherapy

A Guide To Acupuncture Needles

Clear the Confusion - One Clear Definition for Permitted Healthcare Services

COVID-19 - Joint Association Statement

Health Fund Rebates and Split Fees

Acupuncture For Weight Loss

How Does Acupuncture Help Fertility?

Essential Guide To Acupuncture Points

CMBA Registration Update - as at 1 December 2019

Testimonials & Reviews in Marketing Material

Patient Records and Information Guidelines

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

2019 Bursary Award

ANTA National Seminar - Sydney!

Mobile Clinic Services

ANTA Partners with Nabooki

WorkCover (NSW) - 2019 Massage & Myotherapy Rates

The Natural Therapist - Summer 2018-19 - Print and Digital Version Available Now!

ANTA Recognises Chisholm Institute

New 2018 Sydney Seminar Webinars Released on ANTA Member Centre

ANTA Recognises endota Wellness College

Membership Application Alert For Advanced Diploma Students

In Memory of the late Brian Coleman

ANTA Campaigns Health Funds for Recognition of Nutrition

Statutory Registration is the Key Ingredient

TGA is potentially banning Uva Ursi, Yarrow and Damiana - Media Update Regarding Recent Herbal Arbut

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